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Learn the basics of psychic abilities. This class will give every participant an opportunity to explore his/her own psychic abilities. Throughout the next weeks, we will hone in on psychic awareness through specific exercises and experiments. 

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As our motto reads, “Awakening Many Minds”, we at A Common Ground seek to help to do just that for anyone yearning to make that Spiritual connection within. Our aim is to also help enhance one’s connection with Spirit to develop a more healthy and harmonious life. We understand the balance between Body, Mind and Spirit and how important it is to maintain that delicate balance. 
We will be continuing our Psychic Development class with Mediumship exercises and experiments. This will also give everyone an opportunity to work alongside like-minded people of mixed levels. 

Sitting for a reading can prove to be a very powerful, beneficial and healing experience. A reading can help you to connect with your higher self and provide awesome insight into your life.